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Establish, rebuild & repair your creditworthiness. Access & unlock the credit that you deserve.

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So much value. 
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$198 Enrollment Fee/ $149 Monthly



Line by line account assessment

Dispute action plan

Credit report analysis packet

45 minutes of uninterrupted access to credit partner



Credit monitoring

Identity monitoring

Monthly 3 bureau report

Score tracker

Score  simulator

Email score alerts

Checking account report

Lost wallet

$25K each Identity Theft Coverage for you + enrolled family members

Affordable monthly payments 



Unlimited disputes

Personalized credit building plan

Credit building strategy calls

Budgeting worksheet

Customized debt calculator

Access to secured credit cards 

Access to unsecured credit cards

Access to primary installment accounts



Become a member in our private online community

Free tools & resources to help you reach your goals

Credit insight to help you maintain positive credit

Free LIVE credit workshops aimed to educate & empower

Community support during & post repair program


Board certified by the Credit Consultants Association

Certified credit score consultants

Experienced & proficient 

Attorney partners 

1:1 access to all of your unanswered credit questions



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CLEAR CENTS CREDIT PARTNERS teach you how to maintain a strong credit profile

35% Payment History 

The most important genetic of credit, allows lenders to assess borrowers risks based on if they are current or delinquent on credit accounts.


5 Tips To Increase a Credit Score

1.) The goal is to have 100% on time payments. In achieving this goal, a higher credit score may be maintained.

2.) Keep credit card balances low, below 10% in order to maximize all available points.

3.) Do not close positive older accounts, credit age is very important to a strong credit profile.

4.) Have a healthy mix of different credit accounts. At least 3 revolving accounts & 1 installment account. 

5.) Avoid excessive inquiries, aim for no more than 2-3 per year.

"Don't keep passing on opportunities repeatedly. You have the right to an abundant life!"

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be disputed? 


Any inaccurate, outdated, unverified information. This includes accounts containing incorrect or old addresses, unauthorized inquiries, fraudulent information, collection accounts, charge offs, medical bills, child support, incorrect names and much more. It is important to note, accurate accounts can not be removed from a consumer report. 

How long does the process take? 

Results vary as no client's credit situation is the same. In general, clients see initial results within 30-45 days. Please keep in mind, that improving credit worthiness is a process, and depending on the individual circumstance, there may be a need to not only process disputes but also work to rebuild credit history via secured cards. Overall, our goal is to graduate our clients within 6-9 months. However, we do not make any promise or guarantees regarding the removal of inaccurate items.


What do I need to do to be successful in this program? 

Our program is a partnership. Your part is pretty simple. All we ask is that you maintain your monthly credit monitoring service, keep credit card balances low, pay all bills on time and promptly forward us your dispute investigation results.

How am I billed? 


Our audit fee will be charged upon the completion of  your audit call. Our monthly service fee is billed on the 15th of every month. Please remember that your enrollment with our preferred credit monitoring site, is a separate charge of $24.95 coming directly from the credit monitoring provider.

What's the cancellation policy? 


Our service is on a month to month basis. If at any time you wish to discontinue your service you may do so at request via letter, mailed to our Torrance office at least (15) days in advance of your upcoming recurring payment.